What’s going on, internet? My names Chris, and sometimes I talk about myself in the 3rd person, you’ll just have to deal with that. I’ve been running this blog for over two years now, and it’s just a place for me to say whats on my mind. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that Harry Potter, Glee and Video Games are usually on my mind.

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m silly.

A bit on me, I’m 19 years old, a work in IT Support, which is fun. In the middle of Kirk Ella, I was born and raised, playing with trains is how I spent most of my days. Nerding out, maxin, relaxing all cool, and playing some Pokemon just after school. I love the Harry Potter series, it’s wonderful. I love Meadowhall, Apple products, wearing Converse with skinny jeans, and Nandos.

Most of my life runs around TV shows; Glee, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Friends, IT Crowd, The Inbetweeners, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Big Brother, New Girl, X Factor are some of my favs.

Book wise, the Harry Potter series is totally were it’s at. Other than that, I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve recently become a fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, they’re great reads.

On the Movie side I love the Potter series again, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Toy Story (in fact any Pixar movie) and  surprisingly a load of chick-flicks.

The Glee Cast, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, R.E.M, The Beautiful South, The Who & Katy Perry pretty much make up my iTunes.

If you care about video games, my favourite series are Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, The Mario series, Super Smash Bros. and pretty much every major Nintendo franchise.

This has possibly told you way more about me than you needed to know, I update my blog every day, so keep checking back, and leave a comment below!

31 thoughts on “Connect

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  2. Marry me…
    Sorry, entirely innappropriate! But just by reading this, I was bewildered? We share so many similar interests!!
    I apologise for my forwardness. People normally tell me to shut up but when I type, they can’t.

  3. Okay, phew. I was expecting “Oh my god leve me alone, you freak!!”
    And I read some of your posts and about Amy Pond/Karen Gillian. I totally get your obsession, she is one of my biggest girl crushes! (It’s the accent. And the hair.)

  4. Its better than not being able to get by at all :)

    Everything’s all good here man, as always. ‘TheStreetie’ is but a ghost of the past to me now. I now rule as Nespad – Not on ONM though… something happened to that place that I dislike immensely.

    You still in touch with Badger?

    • Ah, cool! and not really. I did get a Hello from him on MSN this morning out of the blue. First time I’ve logged onto MSN in months.

  5. I’m kinda staging a revolution over there, and considering you are pretty much pro at that kinda thing- it’d be cool to see what you got ;)

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  9. Hi, I’m Serena! I love your Fresh Prince of Bel-Air bio paragraph. Love the Potter series, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Beatles, and Zelda too. I enjoyed The Perks of Being a Wallflower as well, though its not my favorite book. Oh, and I like playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my nephew; Pit is awesome for me!

    Type in Video Game Music in the search box on the right side of my blog (scroll down some). The post Video Game Music features a little music from the Legend of Zelda and a couple of other video games I enjoy. Hope you like it :)

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