100 Days of Happiness, Kinda

I have a Facebook friend and every single day for the past two months they’ve added a status showing off something happy in their life. Now, this seems like the worst idea ever at first, but I actually quite enjoy them. It’s not something I would consider doing, but today I’ll like to talk about my day of happy things.


Today’s been a good day. The past week has been a weird one. Full of disappointment evenings, drugs and general tiredness. So, I decided to have a day spent with my mum, something that I don’t do enough. Here’s a few things that have made me happy today.

  • I bought new shoes! Black converse, after they’ve fallen to pieces.
  • I played a lot of Mario Golf. That game just gets better and better, even after 25 hours.
  • Thanks to the Daily Mail, I got a free LEGO Spider-Man figure!
  • On my rewatch of The Office, I reached the Michael Scott Paper Company episodes. They’re my favourite.
  • I visited a fantastic coffee shop that sold all sorts of wonderful flavours of coffee. It was wonderful.
  • The Works had the Game of Thrones series on offer for £30. Naturally, I bought them.
  • My parents emptied their loft and dug out all my old Harry Potter LEGO sets. Something I’ve wanted them to do for years!
  • Channel 5 were showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That’s like my favourite film.
  • I watched BGT for the first time this series. I really enjoyed it.
  • I had Steak for tea. I love having steak for tea.
  • And finally, my mum treat me to some eggs cups for my house. They’re little baskets that say eggs on them. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Today’s been nice. It’s cheered me right up. I’m not going to keep it up with the 100 Days of Happiness posts. But that doesn’t matter, all that matters today is that I’ve had one day of happiness.

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2 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness, Kinda

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