Quiz Up!

Last week Flappy Bird drove us all mental. This week, the Flappy Bird crazy is over and done with. That’s just how iOS games roll, they have a very story life span. This week’s iOS game that Chris is going crazy for is QuizUp, a well presented quiz app to play with your friends and strangers.


The app not only looks and feels beautiful. From the swish menus, to funky animations, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. There are tons of different categories, ranging from General Knowledge, to Logos, to Back to the Future, to my beloved Glee! The reason why I love the app though, is the Harry Potter Quiz round. Possibly my strongest point is my knowledge of Potter trivia, and QuizUp has only confirmed that.

I’ll give QuizUp a week or two before my love for it dies down, but at the moment, I’m quizzing up as much as possible!

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