The Ruby & Sapphire Remakes!

After a fantastic 2013 for the 3DS, 2014 isn’t look so hot when you compare the two.  Aside from the Ace Attorney/ Professor Layton mash-up, there’s nothing there that’s exciting me. Something that I feel is an inevitability is a nw Pokémon game. And I’m crossing my fingers for  Ruby / Sapphire remakes for my 3DS.

Fake, but I've got a feeling it's going to happen soon.

Fake, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to happen soon.

Ruby and Sapphire are some of my least favourite main Pokémon games. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want them remake though on the 3DS. It’s the Pokémon pattern, after we get a major Pokémon release, then next one is usually a remake or a sequel to the last release.

So, here’s the prediction. By the end of the year, I’ll have played a remade version of Pokémon Sapphire OR Pokémon Z. Chris Bradley, the king of safe predictions.

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3 thoughts on “The Ruby & Sapphire Remakes!

  1. I see that Pokemon Ruby, and Sapphire (and Emerald) aren’t your favourite games. They have rich graphics from their time, along with graceful Pokemon no one ever will forget, along with bases you have no restrictions to (other than holes and rocks -_-), and brand new Pokemon even newbies will love. Though the first III Generations lacked the (used to be) strongest type, Dragon, it gave a sense of serenity with the beautiful region trees and the free will of giving life or death with berries used in Pokeblocks. Pokemon Ruby was my favourite Pokemon Game, and first Pokemon Game ever. I still own it, with Swampert on my side. The game had flaws, like the Berry Glitch (A glitch where after 100 Hours of Gameplay berries are impossible to grow), but everything else was fine. Type Matchup was off as well. I see that Marshtomp has a 4x weakness to it’s only weak spot (Grass), it was off a bunch where I had to set Grovyle to sleep so he doesn’t kill my only hope. First time I played my Marshtomp died 6 times. I am excited for the remake though and I hope they will improve. And it will be on the 3ds (Maybe) so the updates fix glitches. This prevents them from saying “Oh. That is the players’ problem they live with the glitch.” I will so buy 3ds Ruby in the future. If they make a remake of Emerald I will buy that too with Sapphire (Even though I only played Ruby)!!! ONLY IF EMERALD IS REMADE! If I get both (and Emerald never released) for X-Mas then kk.

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