Don’t Write off Apollo Justice

When people talk about the Ace Attorney series, they always tend to write off Apollo Justice. It’s the 4th game in the series, and sees Phoenix take a backseat as the main character to Apollo Justice, a rookie lawyer. Over the past week, I’ve been replaying it, and it really is a fantastic game.


I can get where people who don’t like it are coming from. At the start of the game, they do kind of make Phoenix very unlikable. And that sucks especially seen as we’ve spent 3 games loving him. Then there are other missing characters, Maya, Edgeworth Pearl, Gumshoe (Kind) and the ghost of Mia. Still, doesn’t matter. A change did it good, because I love Trucy. I love having Ema back and Prosecutor Gavin’s a welcome change to the usual “I will kill you” attorney.

It also lacks that really epic last case. The last case that usually has a fire, or a kidnapping. I think Apollo Justice’s final case is just as strong though. It’s a case that ties everything together. There’s some amazing plot twists (it’s up there as one of my favourite from the full series – I won’t say here, you know what I mean if you’ve played it)

If you haven’t played the Ace Attorney games yet, you REALLY REALLY need to. They’re fantastic, and the story of Apollo Justice is well worth a go if you haven’t had a crack at it yet.


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