Tonight’s the Night – Dearly Dreadful Dexter

Before my 21st birthday I was so excited for the start of Dexter Season 8. Then it started and it turned out to be awful. One of the worst seasons of Dexter (Worse than 5 & 7 put together) and I can’t believe there’s only one episode of Dexter left ever. And for me, the end can’t come soon enough.


I can’t believe that this is the final season of Dexter. Not because it’s all coming to an end, but there’s about 45 minutes left and we still have no idea how it’s going to go down. I really want everyone to find out about Dexter. I might even want him to die, or fake his own death. I don’t want him to take the easy way out. Sadly, the way this series is going, I wouldn’t be shocked if Dexter hopped on a plane and lived happily ever after.

This season could have been great. Deb could have confessed to what happened at the end of the last season. Quinn could have found out about Dexter and put a stop to it all. Instead, the best moment we get is when Harrison fell of the treadmill.

How the mighty have fallen, aye. Dexter used to be one of the best shows going.  Remember Doakes? Remember Trinity!? Remember Rita! Where did it all go wrong? This gif sums it all up perfectly. 


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3 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night – Dearly Dreadful Dexter

  1. You’re not alone in your disappointment with the way the series is ending. I hoped Dexter would get caught, and it doesn’t seem like that will happen at all. I don’t think this will end in a fairy tale, though. Flying to Argentina is way too easy. They couldn’t possibly end this so terribly, could they??

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