Scholastic’s Super Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set


I’ve always felt a bit sorry for the Americans. I mean, there covers for the Harry Potter books are awful. I mean seriously, look how gimped they look next to the wonderful UK editions. As an apology for how bad they look, Scholastic are rereleasing all the Potter books at the end of the month, this time with wonderful new covers. Again, seriously for a second, these covers are beautiful! (Especially the Goblet of Fire one!)

Over the past 6 months they’ve been revealing all the new covers. Last week we finally got a look at the Deathly Hallows cover, as well as the beautiful box art work (LOOK UP, LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!). LOOK AT THIS BOX AS WELL.┬áBasically the blog post is just full of pictures of books and box sets for you to look at.

The problem is, these are American covers. Which means I’d have to import them, and then having to deal with all the missing Us. It’s a real shame that the UK aren’t getting wonderful new covers like these. Instead we get ugly ‘adult’ edition rereleases. Again, just look what a mess these are compared to the new American covers.

These new editions are out in America at the end of the month. The 27th if I remember correctly. If the price is reasonable to import, I might just have to treat myself.

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