Rocket Man Howard Wolowitz

Big Bang Theory rarely graces my blog. Yes, it’s one of my favourite shows, but the need to blog about it every week like I do with Glee just isn’t there. The only time it does is at the start of a season, the end of a season, a special 100th episode or if Wil Wheaton returns (HE’S BACK ON THE 8TH, get excited). This weeks episode was neither of those things, but it was still brilliant, blog worthy stuff.

This weeks episode saw Howard, who’s now one of my favourite characters – bar Sheldon, return from space. With his newly wed wife ill and his mother busy with company, he turned to his friends. Only to find out Raj has replaced him with Stuart, and that the Leonard and Sheldon were sticking their faces in pies to pay him any attention. Friendless, Howard turned to a cafe, and the waitress offered him a free cheesecake, as long as he’d shut up. Then he sang Rocket Man under his breath. I love that song so much.

Everyone seems to think that TV shows need to have an epic feel about them. Every episode of Dexter has an awesome ending that makes me want to watch the next one, and sometimes Glee goes way over the top to make it seem dramatic. But Big Bang Theory proved it can be as simple as a lone guy in a cafe, eating free cheese cake, singing a Elton John classic.

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