I’m Riding Sky

Everyone says that The Deep really is one of the better selling points of Hull. Interesting events in the City Centre are few and far between now ever since Freedom Festival changed it’s ways. We’ve only really got Hull Fair and even that’s not great. In the city centre today was a huge cycling event sponsored by Sky.

All the roads were closed down in the towns centre and a 3.8 mile cycling route was plotted out, and you were free to ride around and enjoy the sights of Hull without having to worry about Traffic. Instead you had to worry about people who’ve never ridden a bike before and refuse to ride any faster than snails pace.

Still, it was really great to see all those cyclists out and about, and while it wasn’t my fastest ride, I managed to get in 30 miles riding around the town. The event was surprisingly well organised, and it’s something that Hull should do a lot more. I’m positive I wasn’t the only person who enjoy themselves.

Also, just because you’re out cycling doesn’t give you a reason to wear jorts. For the record, there is no reason to ever wear jorts.

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