Game Scoop Goes Video!


Game Scoop has been a faithful friend of mine since 2007. Nearly every week Daemon and his cast spend an hour metaphorically filling my ears with the latest gaming news and jokes and have done for the past 5 years. Considering this, it doesn’t get as much blogging love as it should do, with only 3 proper Game Scoop posts to date! Talk about a real shame!

This week Game Scoop has taken a real leap and gone all video on us. We’re now getting daily video podcasts on weekdays, each about 10 minutes long which means I get a bit of Game Scoop goodness nearly every day of the week! Yay. If you want to watch the videos, you’ll need to check them out on IGN. Spoilers, I’m writing this from the past, so only part 1 is up at the moment, but I’m sure the next couple will be released by the time you get to feast your eyes on this tragedy of a blog post.

Having mini 5 Game Scoop videos every week is fine and dandy, but I’m positive it’s taking a lot of time to produce. I’d rather more episodes of Knockin’ Boots (I REALLY MISS THAT PODCAST) or have the Friday episode just recorded on video to watch, or maybe there won’t be a Friday podcast anymore, instead just a complied episode at the end of the week featuring the audio from the 5 videos. That’d bother me, because I love my Game Scoops!

If you need any reason to check out how good Game Scoop is, have a look at some of these links to older episodes of Game Scoop. Even now my favourite Game Scoop memory is the ‘WANNA PLAY SMASH BROTHERS?‘ but I do love the episodes that ROB the Robot used to feature in as well.


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