LEGO Portal is not a Lie

In a few months, it’s give me nothing but pleasure to begin a blog post like this “This was a triumph, I’m making a note here: huge success! LEGO Portal is a reality!”. Well, that itself may become a reality, thanks to the next big project on LEGO Cuusoo.

You all remember what LEGO Cuusoo is, right? Minecraft LEGO was designed thanks to it. You can read a bit about it on a blog post I wrote a month or so again. Also, I’ve just noticed how much I over use the expression ‘you all remember’. I apologise.

The planned project looks really, really, really special. You can click the thumbnails of the images on the right to get a better idea of how great these look. Featuring Chell minifigs, a GLaDOS model, and Wheatly. Also, little details like a potato, turrets and cubes!

Screw LEGO Zelda, screw everything. I want LEGO Portal sets. I know I want never gets, but supporting projects on Cuusoo sometimes does. Quit watching episodes of My Little Pony, stop wearing jorts, and vote for the most awesome project on Cuusoo yet. 

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