We Are Young

Do you want to know what some of my favourite songs at the moment are? Okay, I’ll tell you. Power of Love – Huey Lewis & the News, Rio – Duran Duran, pretty much any song by LIGHTS, I Won’t Give Up & Paradise by the Dashboard Light sung by the Glee Cast and We Are Young, originally by Fun.

Although the song has been on my iTunes since December, and I loved it then, it’s suddenly come back into my ‘listen to ever day’ routine (Don’t worry, I listen to the original version as well, chill your peas/beans). I think it’s because it’s recently been released here in the UK and it’s all over the radio. Basicly, I haven’t stopped singing it over the last two days. I’ve actually been giving people headaches at work.

Pointless anecdotes aside, let’s relive one of the best moments from Glee Season 3 this year. I miss Glee. We Are Young heals that pain.

There aren’t many songs I cried at when I first heard them, Don’t Stop Believin’, You Can’t Stop the Beat, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Tongue Tied, Don’t Stop (Or pretty much any group number on Glee) to name a few, but I don’t think I cried more than when I first heard We Are Young.

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