Come Back, Lord of the Rings!

I’m sure you’re getting sick of these Lord of the Rings posts. There have been 4 this week, which makes Lord of the Rings my 3rd most talking about topic in a week here on my blog, just beat by E3 2011 and the Harry Potter finale, with a record 7 posts on the subject over the week. The more you know, right?  Anyway, last night, not today – it’s far too sunny to be inside, I watched Return of King.

The movie was brilliant. Exactly how I pictured it from the book. I have a couple of issues though. The major one being the ending. In the book, when the ring is destroyed, there is still over 1/4 of Return of the King left and that’s spent wrapping up loose ends and the return journey. Oh, and the huge battle at the shire. I was gutted they took that out, I guess they were pressed for time, the movie had just hit the 3:30 mark when they returned to the shire in the movie.

The other issue is the way they had the rest of the Two Towers at the start of the movie. For fans who haven’t read the series, the battle with the Spider, Shelob, Pippin looking into the orb and the flight of Pippin and Gandalf on Shadowfax actually takes place in the Two Towers. I say this is an issue, when it really isn’t. If anything, I think it adds to the flow of the movie. It just threw me off a little.

I think with anything, if you read the book first then watch the movie, you’re bound to love the book more, and visa versa. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games stand as examples for this. I loved the movies, they managed to hold my attention 3 nights in a row for 3 and a half hours apiece. They effect they went to for the set designs and locations they picked out were stunning, and the special effects were wonderful. The added humour (The Legolas + Gimli banter, for example) was something the books lacked, and that went down a treat as well. I just love the books more, because I read them first.

And that’s a wrap for Lord of the Rings posts for a while now, I reckon. I’ve already started the next book I planned to read, and I’ve picked out the next movie series for me to watch. I think it’s brilliant that a few months back I wrote a blog post about how much I hated Lord of the Rings, and now I absolutely love it. It just proves that you shouldn’t knock something until you try it. Please come back Lord of the Rings.

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