The Confusing Tale of Two Towers

143,000 words later, I still have no idea why the second part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is called ‘The Two Towers’. It’s not only the books title that is confusing, but the full book itself.

I think I spent the first few chapters wondering when we were going to see Frodo and Sam again, only to give up all hope together around chapter 5. I was even more lost when Gandalf returned from the dead, and then I pretty much just gave up when something happened to Pippin and an orb. Just when I understood, I finished book 3, and began book 4 and there was Frodo and Sam again! The second half of the second book is certainly where the book shines, I love the tales of Frodo and Sam. Did I understand the side story with that guy’s brother – nope. I didn’t get that at all. Also, why do they suddenly start calling Sam Samwise? I’ll love you forever if you explain that to me.

The book isn’t much longer than Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, give or take a few 30,000 words, but it’s much more of a challenge. I never really understood what people said to me when they said ‘Lord of the Rings is a difficult read’, but I do now. The main storyline I adore, but there are full sections that I just drift off and have to re-read because I’m just not taking any of it in. The book would be a lot better if they cut out some sections, and don’t flame me for saying that, someone else said it on the Wikipedia page, and he said it first.

Overall, fab book. I didn’t like it as much as the first, but the second half, especially the final two chapters – they were brilliant, repaired any damage or confusion that the first half caused. Two books down, one more to go. Time for The Return of the King.

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