A 3D Film of Glee Concert

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Glee 3D Concert Movie. Well, I expected everything I saw at the Glee Live Concert I went to back in Manchester, I didn’t get that. I got some of that, some extra content from the cast, some songs that they didn’t sing at the Manchester show (Forget You & Don’t Rain on my Parade) and then a whole lot of ‘way, look at me, I’m special’ rubbish.

The singing and concert part was amazing. Heather Morris’ boobs were amazing in 3D, the cast sounded great and danced great. It’s pretty much the same as the concert that I’ve already seen. You might as well reread my thoughts on Glee Live that I wrote back in June. It should give you a pretty good idea. They are pretty much the same, bar a few changes. That’s not bad, it’s great that it’s the same. I wish it had just been even more the same.

The bits they added in were the break of the film. I could care less about 3 misfits who are talking about how much Glee, a show that has only existed for 2 years, and how much if it has changed their lives. If I’d wanted to hear that, I’d reread some of my Glee related blog posts. It really ruined the film, you’ll understand what I mean if you go see it. I did like the mini Warbler though, he’s swell. Oh, and the bit were Heather Morris said she wanted to push Tina. I mean, don’t we all?

Say you only have enough money to go see one film. You can go see the Inbetweeners Movie. One of the better films of the year, packed with laughs and wonderful scenes. Or you could go see the Glee Movie. Listen to a bunch of people talk about how much they love Glee, in-between some of the greatest song covers ever. If you really love Glee, you’ll have gone to the Concert and won’t need to watch the movie of the concert. I’m holding out for a proper Glee Movie.

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3 thoughts on “A 3D Film of Glee Concert

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