Jorts & the Final Day of E3!

Today is the final day of E3, and IGN made a video on an observation that they made. It’s jorts. Jean shorts. We all know that they are about as stupid as crocs, plugs, and men with pony tails, but IGN left the need to point it out. I freakin’ LOVE IGN.

IGN also bought us just wonderful videos like the Call of Duty hate video, Putnam Whipple at E3 and the Pony Tails at GDC. It’s lame, but I was hoping for Putnam to return to E3 this year, but sadly – he is dead. Maybe they should have sent the mayor of Snob Hill there, with his bucket of lake water. Inside jokes, my blog has them.

I’m sure you’re getting sick of reading about how much I’m obsessed with it. Worry not, only two posts left, including this one. Tomorrow I’ll be announcing my game of the show and I’m sure you’ll be able to guess it. Like you care, right?

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2 thoughts on “Jorts & the Final Day of E3!

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