Orignal Songs, a Klaine Kiss and a Dead Bird

Last night was an amazing night for Glee fans. 15th March 2011, the day that Klaine finally happened and Blaine and Kurt kissed. What made it better was the great episode that came with the kiss, tearful and funny, exactly what I want from an episode of Glee.

Yup, this week as Regionals! And after they lost last year, they sure were confident about winning. The episode started with a kick ass performance from Blaine and the Warblers, singing Misery. It was a great number, but it would have been better in context, and not just another random performance. I’m not complaining however, what happened later in the episode made up for it.

Because Sue is screwing with the Glee club, they’re forced to write Orignal Songs for Regionals. Santana writes one about Sam’s mouth, Puck writes one about Lauren’s Big Ass Heart and Mercedes wrote one called ‘Hell to the No’. These were funny, I’ll give them that, but not quite Regional material.

Meanwhile, Pavarotti, the Warblers bird that Kurt was looking after, died. Now, this would have been sad, but it was spoilt a couple of weeks back, and I’ve managed to get over it. In his honour, Kurt sings the Beatles song, Blackbird, and sings it beautifully. I love that song so much. And apparently, so did Blaine. For that was the moment he fell in love with Kurt. Isn’t it beautiful? And then they kissed. Tumblr exploded and so did my mind. I can die happy now. Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts.

And then we go to Regionals. Sue’s Glee Club start first, singing a song called ‘Jesus is a friend of mine’, which was just laugh out loud. I loved it. Then we moved onto the Dalton Warblers singing a Klaine duet of ‘Candles’ by ‘Hey Monday’. I know this song wasn’t for everyone, and I didn’t dig it at first, but now I adore it. It’s just a lovely song. It wasn’t better than Blaine’s version of Raise Your Glass, by Pink. Darren Criss NAILED it! And I guess the backing track did sound a bit like ‘jenga jenga’.

And then New Directions came out. Rachel first singing a song she wrote herself, ‘Get It Right’. Absolutely amazing, considering it was an original, rather than a cover as well! And then they sang Loser Like Me. I listened to that song about two weeks ago, and I really liked it. It’s really catchy, and you can see why they won with it. Yes, they won!

As the episode drew to a close, Blaine and Kurt buried Pavarotti. And walked away holding hands. A sign of things to come, the back 6 is going to so full of Klaine. It’s going to be great! And in the dying moments of the episode, the other kids in the Glee club. It was another beautiful moment, this episode really did seem to be full of great moments like that.

And that’s Glee done for a whole moment. When it returns, I’m sure Kurt will move back to New Directions, and hopefully Blaine will as well. Also, the Legion of Doom are formed to take down the Glee club. And hopefully we’ll see the return of Dave Karofsky. I’ve missed him.

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